Most Popular Cut Patterns For Hardwood Flooring

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Most Popular Cut Patterns For Hardwood Flooring

When lumber distributors cut the material for hardwood flooring, they don’t always do it in the same way. In fact, the way that these distributors cut a piece of lumber is a defining characteristic of your hardwood flooring’s end grain. Take a look through these different types of cut patterns and you will understand how it directly influences the business of hardwood flooring suppliers.

Plain Sawn

Plain sawn is one of the most common and most affordable cuts of lumber. Lumber with a plain sawn cut utilizes the most amount of the original tree. This creates minimal waste since the manufacturer cuts the log in straight, long lines from the front to the back. The cuts are perpendicular to the growth rings on the tree. The resulting appearance of wholesale wood flooring with a plain sawn cut is a gorgeous cathedral pattern desired by many.

Rift Sawn

Cutting lumber with a rift sawn method means that it’s cut like a pie, resulting in products with straight grain lines. Hardwood flooring suppliers and consumers alike love this product since the cut is one of the most structurally stable, as it has only vertical end-grains. Wood with a rift sawn cut is also very resistant to crowning and cupping effects that can happen with high levels of humidity and moisture. When you search “local hardwood suppliers near me” for rift sawn lumber and flooring, watch for these straight grain lines to confirm its authenticity.

Quarter Sawn

A log that is quarter sawn is first cut into quarters, just as the name suggests. Each resulting quarter is cut again from the inner heart-wood towards the outer sapwood. Most quarter sawn lumber has vertical end-grains, providing similar stability as rift sawn lumber. In terms of appearance, quarter sawn lumber gives the wood a dramatic amount of surface flecking.

Rift and Quarter Sawn

When a board has a heavy rift pattern mixed with heavy quarter flecking the result is a Rift and Quarter Sawn grade. This unique mix creates a product that is ideal for all your woodworking projects.

Accounting for over 40% of building materials, lumber is an ever-present need in the modern world. Contact Graf Brothers, the premiere wholesale hardwood flooring suppliers, to learn more about the lumber options available to you.

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