Hardwood Flooring Trends Every Distributor Should Know

Hardwood Flooring Trends Every Distributor Should Know

In 2018, the value of the global hardwood flooring market surpassed the $40 billion mark. The appreciation and demand for hardwood floors have been on the rise over the past few years, a trend that is slated to continue through 2025.

A hardwood floor is a type of wooden floor that’s made using planks of a single piece of timber derived from dicot trees. In comparison with softwood trees, it can take over 20 years for hardwood trees to reach maturity, but they produce wood that’s dense and complex in structure. It is these properties that make hardwood highly functional and durable, hence suitable for commercial use.

Hardwood offers a great deal of design flexibility as there are many species, colors, and styles to choose from. All those factors, combined with the desire to stand out, have seen many trends emerge in commercial hardwood flooring.

To capture the growing market, flooring companies need to understand these trends and use high-quality timber from wholesale hardwood flooring suppliers. Here are some of the trends you should know about courtesy of your local hardwood suppliers.

Use of Rich, Varied Colors

Floors are among the first things people notice when entering a building. As such, they have now become a powerful tool for commercial building owners to showcase the elegance of their buildings to clients.

This has seen increased use of bold colors and styles for flooring. Different varieties of hardwood with wild and bold grains are used together to produce elegant finishes. Under the light of the sun, the colors glow, thus enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

An excellent way to achieve a cohesive look is to combine wood with different tones and sizes. This requires you to have a reliable wholesale wood flooring supplier with a wide variety of hardwood on offer.

Wide Planks

Ordinarily, the planks used for wood flooring are two and one-quarter inches wide. However, local hardwood suppliers now have planks that are 6 inches and wider. Wide plank floors have become a popular choice for many.

To begin with, they reduce the work during construction as fewer pieces will be needed. Wide planks are also usually longer than the narrow ones. As such, there will be fewer breaks in your floor. With wide planks, it is easier to try unique arrangements such as diagonal placements.

When it comes to aesthetics, the larger size allows the beauty and uniqueness of each plank to be more noticeable. Also, wide plank wholesale hardwood flooring gives the illusion that a space is bigger than it is.

Grey Hardwood

As the love and appreciation of bold colored hardwood flooring rise, there is also an increasing love for cooler tones. Grey wholesale hardwood flooring is now a popular choice for people who want to pull off a modern and unique look that’s just as much classic.

To give hardwood this subtle look, a grey stain is applied to it. This then makes the grain patterns and natural grooves of the wood more emphatic, thus giving your floors an interesting texture and charm.

The best grey wood planks from hardwood flooring suppliers are those that have a charming grey tone without suppressing the plank’s natural grain.

Distressed Wooden Flooring

Distressed hardwood is a style designed to give new planks an old and antique look. A machine is used to give normal planks the weathered and aged appearance. Textured wood is a flooring technique that turns the little imperfections on wood into subtle perfections.

The natural cracks, blemishes, and knots on the wood are a feature of distressed wood. This gives it a rustic appeal. The grain of the wood is also enhanced as distressed wood from local hardwood suppliers has a textured finish.

What Do I Look For At Local Hardwood Suppliers Near Me?

As the demand for hardwood floors increases and unique trends arise, only the hardwood distributors that can provide variety, will grow with the markets. As such, you must find a wholesale hardwood flooring supplier that will keep you ahead of the pack.

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